Paessler –The Eating Company Celebrating One Year of Our Own Cafeteria

We spend a ridiculous amount of time discussing food at the office. “Is it anyone’s birthday and did they bring cake?”, “Is the chocolate drawer filled up?” (yes, we have an official chocolate drawer) and most importantly “What’s for lunch?”.

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Learn, Workshop and Discuss: Why You Should Attend the Web Week at Paessler Next Year

For the second time in a row, we decided to participate in the Nuremberg Web Week and to share our knowledge about modern web applications with the local developer scene. This event is a meeting point for tech enthusiasts in the Nuremberg region. Each year it assembles a broad selection of conferences, presentations and workshops around digital topics.

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10 Simple Tips How IT Admins Can Avoid Back Pain (and How We at Paessler Do It)

Almost everyone has already suffered or suffers from back pain after an exhausting work week. Stress, bad habits, excess weight, poor posture and lack of exercise are the most common factors that contribute to this. Below you can find our top ten tips for avoiding back pain.

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Why a Diverse Team from 30 Countries Is Important for Our International Success

We at Paessler make one product: PRTG Network Monitor. More than {{ "number-of-worldwide-installations"|translate(lang) }} people all over the world use PRTG to monitor their IT Infrastructure. Let’s zoom into Paessler and find out how this international reach influences our team and our company’s culture. We have over 180 passionate people working for Paessler, about 150 in our headquarters here in Nuremberg, Germany, and about 30 spread over the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. But even our team here in Nuremberg has a very international background. 40% of our colleagues come from more than 25 countries. How cool is that?

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who Has the Ugliest Sweater of Them All?

At Paessler we get to wear casual clothes most of the time, and believe us, we are very grateful for this. However, one of our colleagues had the idea to dress up on a Friday a couple of weeks ago. Celebrating "Fancy Friday" was so much fun we thought we'd take it to the next level...

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How to Grow and Stay Agile – Part 2:
Top 6 Software Development Decisions

When you are running your business based on a single software product, decisions about software development are as integral to your success as business decisions—in fact, they are directly related to your business. This is why the second part of this blog series about the inseparable connection between growth and agility focuses on the top 6 software development decisions we have taken in the last 15 years. These are the decisions that, in retrospect, we consider important—most of them didn't feel so important at the time:

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Celebrating the 5th Housewarming Party in 15 Years

You may have already heard about our recent office move, back in April. Since then two months have passed - two months of unpacking, rearranging and getting familiar with the new Paessler headquarters. Now that we're well settled into our brand new office, it was time for a housewarming party to remember. Having moved 5 times in 15 years simply because we needed more space also means we've become housewarming party experts! Plus: We love fine food and drink - the perfect prerequisites for hosting a memorable party, right?

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How to Grow and Stay Agile –
Part 1: Top 6 Business Decisions

I have been founder and CEO of this company for almost 20 years. It started as a one person part-time shareware business, and today we are 160 people with 10 offices around the globe, serving {{ "number-of-worldwide-installations"|translate(lang) }} users every day. With this blog article series, I want to share with you some of the better business and software development decisions we have made in the past 15 years. I could tell you that everything went exactly as planned, but really it was an iterative process. We just did everything we could to grow the business—and then it did...

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5 Reasons Why a New Headquarter Is a Management Task

Annual increases in sales of 30 to 40% and similar growth in workforce must have consequences. Once again, Paessler requires additional office space and for the 5th time in 15 years moves to a new headquarter. This is the painful side of success.

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Our Users Had a Creative Holiday Season: The Entries to Our PRTG Christmas Campaign

Right in time for the Advent season we prepared a Christmas themed PRTG cut-out for each week in December. We asked you to grab your scissors and to get crafty with us. In return, every submission entered had the chance to win a Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker at the end of the campaign as well as four PRTG goodie bags. Although we had only five prizes to give away we wanted to share all the fantastic entries we received.

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