2017-Jun- 9 in Admin's Toolbox

Why There Is No Better Browser Than Google Chrome [Bonus: 10 Best Extensions for Admins]

Google Chrome has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2008. Today, the web browser has over 1 billion users and accounts for 75.1% of global internet usage as of March 2017. This success can be chalked up in part to its highly customizable design, simple yet incredibly handy features, and synchronization capabilities. Let's go over some of the reasons why Chrome outshines the competition.


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How to Keep Your Network Organized with DNS and Subnetting Schemes

In our article "12 Characteristics of a Well-Maintained LAN", we have several items listed. Each item is important, but I'd like to focus on a couple of these items in more detail:

  • Standardized Naming Conventions
  • Well-Designed Network Addressing and Subnetting

You may ask, "Why these two in particular?". Well, in my position as a pre-sales engineer, I encounter problems and issues related to these two fairly frequently.

As a IT professional I've battled these issues from several angles. Both being a slave to a network that evolved organically and to a network planned in way too much detail. Neither approach is ideal but both have merit -- like project management, it can either be part of the solution or part of the problem. I'd like to describe the problems and a solution. 

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How to Properly Announce Scheduled Network Maintenance to Your Users

Every system administrator, at some point, needs to take an important service offline temporarily, for scheduled maintenance or for upgrades. This article provides guidance on what to include in a downtime announcement and how to communicate upcoming maintenance windows to your users. Our experience as a company with 180 employees spread around the world is that it's critical to communicate very thoroughly to avoid confusion and resulting loss of productivity.

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2017-Mar-16 in Admin's Toolbox

Our Sysadmins' 9 Favorite Apps and Why You Should Try Them

"What's on your phone?" we asked our IT team at Paessler, looking for some inspiration. Of course the PRTG app was on all of their phones. It's what they work with daily to keep our network up and running at all times (thanks, guys!). But what other apps do they use and why do they love them?

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Sending Notifications Via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new chat tool that integrates the entire Office 365 environment. If you’re using Teams, you’ll be interested in this script from our support colleague Stephan Linke, which lets you send notifications from PRTG via Microsoft Teams to your colleagues and admin teams. In addition, you can also access the sensor, device or service that triggered the notification and acknowledge the alert.

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Unit and Performance Testing in a Single Step with our Django Performance Testing Plugin

What's your favorite software development buzzword:  Agile, DevOps, TDD, CI, CD? 

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