Nowadays, state of the art websites use CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to deliver static websites assets like images, CSS, and JavaScript files. In order to deliver these objects as fast as possible to the website visitor, the CDN providers run a network of so called "edge servers" in multiple locations. As soon as your browser requests a website object, its connection is directed to the nearest server (in a network topological view) which finally delivers the data. This sounds great in theory, but in real life it can be a complex task. One aspect is running an edge server network around the world (largest provider Akamai reports more than 40,000 servers around the globe). And there is "the last mile" issue: Website visitors usually do not sit in data centers with fiber optic connections, but use cable, DSL, T1, etc. instead. With a broadly conceived test, we want to find out:
  • How much of the CDN's performance really reaches the user in the end?
  • How much faster are CDNs, compared to normal web servers running at cloud hosting providers around the globe?
For we have developed a CDN Performance Test suite that you can run over your personal Internet connection. It will download a 64 kbyte image from 12 selected CDN hosting companies plus 12 cloud servers running in public clouds around the globe. The results are shown in a graph for comparison and will be logged in the Cloudclimate CDN performance database. Please spread the word! We need as many website visitors as possible to go to the CDN Performance Test on so we can get a broad base of performance tests. As soon as enough data has piled up in the database we will provide consolidated results in this webpage. Run the CDN Performance Test now

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