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We proudly present our first video case study. Please click here to watch the video or to read the whole story.

There is more to Fulham FC than simply putting on a football match every other Saturday. With an IT network that is distributed across several sites, and central to the activities of more than 250 members of staff on a day to day basis, Head of IT Alex Malinov has a sizeable job on his hands. As he puts it, "In spite of having live football at its heart, Fulham FC is a 365-day-a-year organisation."

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2016-Dec-15 in All About PRTG

Run a PRTG Probe on a 169.90 Euro Mini-PC? Watch Dirk Paessler’s Video

From time to time customers ask us for a Linux probe for PRTG for monitoring distributed networks. Linux is inexpensive because you don’t have to buy an expensive Windows server, just some simple hardware, install Linux, and you’re ready to go. However, it’s also possible to monitor your entire network with PRTG at a reasonable price using Windows, as our CEO Dirk Paessler shows in this self-produced video. He installed and configured a PRTG probe in his home network on a mini-PC he bought online for 169.90 Euro.  Start to end it only took 15 minutes and he filmed himself doing this.

Watch Dirk’s two-and-a-half-minute video here or on YouTube

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Sending Notifications Via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a new chat tool that integrates the entire Office 365 environment. If you’re using Teams, you’ll be interested in this script from our support colleague Stephan Linke, which lets you send notifications from PRTG via Microsoft Teams to your colleagues and admin teams. In addition, you can also access the sensor, device or service that triggered the notification and acknowledge the alert.

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Monitor the Status of BGP Peers

If you’re using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and need an overview of all peers and their current status, you should have a look at the script our colleague from tech support, Luciano Lingnau, wrote. 

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Results of the Paessler Worldwide Survey 2016 "Perception vs Reality"

The perception of the IT administrator job is often influenced by buzzwords like Big Data or SDN. But the reality of the job often looks different. That's why we at Paessler wanted to know what really drives you in your everyday working life. What are your favorite tasks and how much time do you have to do them? Which technologies are you using already and which are not even under consideration at the moment?

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Unit and Performance Testing in a Single Step with our Django Performance Testing Plugin

What's your favorite software development buzzword:  Agile, DevOps, TDD, CI, CD? 

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Refuse to Take Part in a DDoS Botnet, Revisited

The massive DDoS attacks against Dyn's DNS service last Friday demonstrated, again, that insecure IoT devices are not merely a minor annoyance, but rather pose a serious threat to the Internet economy. While the attacks against Brian Krebs and the French hosting provider OVH on Sept 20 were newsworthy in their scale, the attacks against Dyn demonstrate the level of damage possible when the attack is directed against important Internet services.

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Refuse to Take Part in a DDoS Botnet

One of the big topics in the IT world last week was the massive DDoS attack against Brian Krebs' "Krebs on Security" website, which appears to have come from compromised IoT devices, including security cameras.  As the Register reports, the attack is the largest known single DDoS attack to date, with over 152K devices involved, generating over 620Gbps in the attack.


 If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

(rephrased quote from Eldridge Cleaver)


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Paessler featured on Packet Pushers podcast


Join Greg Farro and Ethan Banks from Packet Pushers and Greg Ross from Paessler for a discussion about smart network monitoring with PRTG.  Ethan, Greg and Greg discuss strategies for monitoring your IT infrastructure, how to deal with the complexity of monitoring large networks, and how to glean actionable information from multiple data points.

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2016-Sep-16 in All About PRTG

Share Your Experience in Our Worldwide Survey 2016 ”Perception vs Reality“


Whether you read a technical blog, a newsletter from your favorite IT Guru, or a print magazine, you are confronted with topics such as SDN, IoT, Hyperconverged Systems or Big Data. But does this define what you are actually doing in your job? What are the topics that really matter to you? Help us to adjust our product and our communication to better suit your needs. It will only take about five minutes.

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