PRTG Network Monitor: Quality and Performance Confirmed in Four Independent Tests

Here at Paessler, our QA team puts PRTG and all of its new features to the test on a daily basis. We do this to make sure that our customers can work with a powerful, reliable and easy to use network monitoring solution. Nevertheless, we are curious what catches the eye of independent experts when they test the software. In recent months PRTG was put under the microscope four times in a row. Network Computing (UK) and the German Institute for the Analysis of IT Components (IAIT) had a close look at the innovations that came with version 13.2 and version 13.3 whereas the German magazine Funkschau wondered how PRTG performs compared to the Open Source solution Nagios. In addition to the open source comparison LANline also examined how suitable PRTG is for small IT environments.

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2013-Nov-20 in All About PRTG

Help Us Beta Test Our New Mobile Probes!

We have just released the beta version of a new outstanding feature for PRTG Network Monitor: Mobile probes for Android devices! Install a mobile probe on your tablet or phone, and you will be able to gather local monitoring data with your mobile device in a quick and easy way. This can be, for example, connection times from your device to an email server, wireless LAN (WiFi) coverage, or environmental data. Get PRTG Mobile Probe just now on Google Play and try it out—we would love to hear your feedback!

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At Paessler Color Follows Function

Paessler is not your average software company just as PRTG is not your average monitoring software. Those who know PRTG know why. Those who don't: Take a look at our corporate design. Paessler doesn't sport all the typical blues and greys of the IT industry. But it's not just colors and not just packaging, it reflects the way we are and the way we work.

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Network Monitoring: "Handmade" vs. "Ready Out of the Box"

Why free sometimes just isn't worth it

Inefficiency, diseconomy, wasted time and effort - even just reading these words gives most IT administrators a bad feeling: 'We really should review our tools and procedures...' Many companies waste a lot of time on essential IT processes, for example network monitoring. There are many roads that lead to network monitoring - from open source products to commercial solutions, to isolated applications from individual hardware manufacturers. Focusing too much on saving money at acquisition is often not worthwhile. On the contrary, cheap solutions often cost the IT department more time during installation, administration and troubleshooting.

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Sneak Peek into Our Labs: Introducing the New High Performance Syslog and SNMP Trap Receiver Sensors

Today we have good news for all administrators who are tired of redundant one-trick-pony software products: PRTG Network Monitor will soon include a new Syslog Receiver as well as an SNMP Trap Receiver. Both sensor types are currently running in our labs and are still smelling pleasant like freshly brewed coffee in the morning. We can already safely say: Wow! What a high performance, what an intuitive and easy handling!

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2013-Oct- 2 in All About PRTG

Available Now: iPRTG for iOS 7

Today we released a new version of our free smartphone app iPRTG. We are glad to announce that this version officially supports iOS 7! iPRTG 3.4 together with PRTG Network Monitor allows you to check your network status and performance from everywhere. Simply check your iOS device to ensure that everything is running fine while you are out of the office.

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2013-Oct- 1 in All About PRTG

Virtualization and Network Monitoring: PRTG Supports the new VMware ESXi 5.5!

Only a few days ago, VMware released a new version of vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi). In the words of VMware, you can "virtualize even the most resource-intensive applications with peace of mind" using their wide-spread virtualization solution. And, as you certainly know, PRTG Network Monitor is the perfect companion to monitor such applications and to keep virtualized IT environments running. Of course, this is also true for the newly released ESXi version.

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7 Tips for a Fair and Transparent Pricing Model in Software Business

"Your software is too expensive!" Do you get this from customers often? Then it's worth your while to take a moment to consider pricing and price differentiation.

At Paessler AG, we have always given a lot of intense thought to our price models and have read blogs and literature related to the topic. However, most of these sources focus on designing price models that maximize profit for the company. I've never come across an article that explains how to find the most attractive price model from the customer's point of view. That is difficult, too - what does the customer consider to be fair and transparent?

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3 Ways to Take Your Monitoring Satisfaction to the Next Level

A few weeks ago, we presented ten questions that appear regularly if you are responsible for an IT infrastructure. We showed that you as system administrator can answer those common questions easily, comprehensibly, and quickly as long as you use a powerful monitoring solution like PRTG. The present article is about more advanced monitoring topics.

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Meet China's Google Equivalent: 4 Steps to
Open Your Company’s Baidu Account

Nowadays, every marketer knows how to do search engine marketing (SEM) based on Google. It is the world's largest search engine after all. But what if Google is not the market leader in the world's largest internet market with about 560 million internet users? So, what about SEM in China?

In China, "Baidu" is the largest search engine with a market share of about 70% (May, 2013). Those who want to step into the Chinese market cannot look past doing SEM in Baidu. Language difficulties and complicated cooperation terms with local authorities were expected of course. But the challenges of getting started on Baidu at all as a non-Chinese company without a Chinese business presence surprised us quite a bit at Paessler.

That is why we would like to outline our exciting journey of opening a Baidu account.

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