There is a new update for PRTG Network Monitor (V12.4.6) available in the stable channel. It introduces our new 64bit core server as well as numerous new features.

64bit Core Server

The biggest single improvement is the 64bit version of the core server which is installed on all 64bit Windows versions if the system has 6 GB of RAM or more. This allows PRTG to manage its memory usage much better (the 32bit version is limited to 3 GB of RAM). As a result, users profit from a faster and more reliable experience especially if they have several thousand sensors or more.

Our customer Rich Deprez at TDS Telecom (Wisconsin, USA) has already updated to the 64bit version last week and was excited about it. This is what he wrote us:

"I upgraded to the stable release supporting 64-bit on one of our instances last Sunday and the second instance last night. I wanted to pass along congratulations to the entire development team that made the 64-bit core possible. Our upgrade was seamless, the UI performance has noticeably increased, and all our custom sensors and scripts are functioning just as they did before the upgrade. I can't imagine the amount of development work and QA that went into making that all possible. You've got one happy customer here!"

Rich runs two installations of PRTG, one with 12,000 sensors and one with 6,000 sensors. Thanks, Rich, for your kind feedback!

New Sensors

We have added a lot of new sensors; for HP Proliant servers, two new sensors for NetApp SANs, and three new SNMP based hardware sensors. With the update you will also get a new Port Range Scan sensor and a new WMI Custom String sensor. And finally we are introducing a new kind of "hybrid" sensors (still an experimental feature for now). These new sensors replace the respective Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) sensors you're already familiar with. For better performance, the new sensors try to use Windows "Performance Counters" to query data from the target system and use WMI only as fallback if the first method is not successful.

And Even More

The release notes include 25 other bullet points full of improvements for your PRTG installation, so please update soon!

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