PRTG can send notifications using various methods: Emails, Syslog messages, Amazon Simple Notification Service messages, SMS messages (IP-based via internet SMS providers), and even by executing any HTTP action or executable file or script!

Some of our customers use PRTG's "Execute Program" notification to send SMS messages via a mobile device or modem using a third party software which offers a command line client to send these messages.

This is useful in certain scenarios where, for example, there is no redundant internet connection, and the administrator wants to make sure notification messages will be sent out whenever there is mobile network coverage available at the location where PRTG is installed, independent from any existing internet connection.

All you need for this setup is a respective hardware device, usually directly connected to the machine PRTG is installed on, and a third party software that can be controlled by calling an executable file using a few parameters.

For quite a while now, we have been recommending the software "PageGate" from NotePage. NotePage now offers a new video tutorial which describes exactly how to integrate their software with PRTG, so you can send SMS messages using your favorite mobile network provider.

Just have a look at the video.

If you do not have PRTG yet, get your free PRTG trial now and experience how easy it is to start monitoring your network right away!

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