Our network monitoring software, PRTG includes 10 different sensor types specifically designed to monitor virtual systems and can provide information about the requirements for future virtual systems.

IT administrators are switching over to virtualized environments to maximize network resources, and proper planning is crucial to ensure success. The latest version of Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor is now even stronger at monitoring virtual environments and lets network administrators plan out resources early so they can successfully implement virtualization projects.

PRTG's sensors for virtual environments include:

  • VMware Host Server (SOAP) Sensor
  • VMware Virtual Machine (SOAP) Sensor
  • VMware Host Hardware (WBEM)
  • SSH VMware ESX(i) Disk Sensor
  • Amazon CloudWatch Sensor
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Sensor
  • Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device Sensor
  • Hyper-V Host Server Sensor
  • Virtuozzo Container Disk Sensor (Beta)
  • Virtuozzo Container Network Sensor (Beta)

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