How Do You Ensure Your Emails Are Delivered Properly?

Communication is one of the most important things for every company. You need to be in close contact with your customers and suppliers, and colleagues also must be able to communicate with each other.

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Do You Have Enough Bandwidth Available for all Your Tasks?

"Some applications on my computer are unacceptably slow!" Have you ever heard this from your colleagues? Maybe one of the first issues you think about as a system administrator is a bandwidth bottleneck, because limited performance of applications on the network may indicate a lack of available bandwidth. This results in delayed data packets being delivered to their destination and can lead to slow and unresponsive applications in your network. It can be pretty annoying when you're trying to do a great job and your system is hardly reacting!

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How to Grow and Stay Agile – Part 2:
Top 6 Software Development Decisions

When you are running your business based on a single software product, decisions about software development are as integral to your success as business decisions—in fact, they are directly related to your business. This is why the second part of this blog series about the inseparable connection between growth and agility focuses on the top 6 software development decisions we have taken in the last 15 years. These are the decisions that, in retrospect, we consider important—most of them didn't feel so important at the time:

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Gotcha! Hunting for Critical Internet Issues (and Pokemons)

Your business relies heavily on the Internet, and increasingly on cloud-based services in the Internet. And while you rely on PRTG Network Monitor as a great tool for discovering issues in your internal IT infrastructure, we want to make sure you're also aware of what PRTG offers for detecting issues in the public Internet. Because we understand how frustrating it is when you can't connect to an important server for, like, an entire weekend.

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2016-Jul-12 in All About PRTG

Geo Maps Requires a Change of Map Service Provider

We use MapQuest as the default map service provider for geographical maps in PRTG. However, on Monday, July 11, MapQuest discontinued direct tile access to MapQuest legacy maps. If you're using the default map service provider settings in PRTG, your Geo Maps will probably look something like this:

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New in PRTG: System Information

System Information gives you additional information about your devices which you can't get from standard monitoring alone. Together with all of PRTG's other monitoring features you now gain profound knowledge about your IT infrastructure from a single source—your PRTG Network Monitor.

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Celebrating the 5th Housewarming Party in 15 Years

You may have already heard about our recent office move, back in April. Since then two months have passed - two months of unpacking, rearranging and getting familiar with the new Paessler headquarters. Now that we're well settled into our brand new office, it was time for a housewarming party to remember. Having moved 5 times in 15 years simply because we needed more space also means we've become housewarming party experts! Plus: We love fine food and drink - the perfect prerequisites for hosting a memorable party, right?

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How to Grow and Stay Agile –
Part 1: Top 6 Business Decisions

I have been founder and CEO of this company for almost 20 years. It started as a one person part-time shareware business, and today we are 160 people with 10 offices around the globe, serving 150,000 users every day. With this blog article series, I want to share with you some of the better business and software development decisions we have made in the past 15 years. I could tell you that everything went exactly as planned, but really it was an iterative process. We just did everything we could to grow the business—and then it did...

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2016-Jun- 3 in Monitoring News

Food Trucks Sensor for PRTG

For those who follow us on Social Media or have visited our Career page, it may come as no surprise: we at Paessler love food. And since we moved into our new headquarters, we've got a new way to enjoy even more food: Food Trucks!

It seemed only appropriate to combine this passion with PRTG. And so, we proudly present: The Food Trucks Sensor. Simply said: It shows if and when there are any Food Trucks near your building (sorry, it only works in Germany at the moment). 

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Transforming SME Network Operations

Would you like to know how IoT or Hybrid Cloud are going to influence your daily work and how to prepare yourself? Would you like to know what other administrators' pain points are? Or are you just looking for some final arguments to convince your boss that you really need PRTG? Then have a look at this white paper—it might be interesting for you:

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