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Monitor the Status of BGP Peers

If you’re using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and need an overview of all peers and their current status, you should have a look at the script our colleague from tech support, Luciano Lingnau, wrote. 

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2016-Nov-17 in Monitoring News

Results of the Paessler Worldwide Survey 2016 "Perception vs Reality"

The perception of the IT administrator job is often influenced by buzzwords like Big Data or SDN. But the reality of the job often looks different. That's why we at Paessler wanted to know what really drives you in your everyday working life. What are your favorite tasks and how much time do you have to do them? Which technologies are you using already and which are not even under consideration at the moment?

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Unit and Performance Testing in a Single Step with our Django Performance Testing Plugin

What's your favorite software development buzzword:  Agile, DevOps, TDD, CI, CD? 

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Automated and Granular Alerting - is that Possible?

When setting up alerts and notifications for a monitoring tool you usually have to decide whether you want to do that in an automated manner or individually. The more you automate, the more time you save, but with automation you lose granularity, means your notifications will be spread wider.

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Refuse to Take Part in a DDoS Botnet, Revisited

The massive DDoS attacks against Dyn's DNS service last Friday demonstrated, again, that insecure IoT devices are not merely a minor annoyance, but rather pose a serious threat to the Internet economy. While the attacks against Brian Krebs and the French hosting provider OVH on Sept 20 were newsworthy in their scale, the attacks against Dyn demonstrate the level of damage possible when the attack is directed against important Internet services.

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Paessler featured on Packet Pushers podcast


Join Greg Farro and Ethan Banks from Packet Pushers and Greg Ross from Paessler for a discussion about smart network monitoring with PRTG.  Ethan, Greg and Greg discuss strategies for monitoring your IT infrastructure, how to deal with the complexity of monitoring large networks, and how to glean actionable information from multiple data points.

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2016-Sep-16 in All About PRTG

Share Your Experience in Our Worldwide Survey 2016 ”Perception vs Reality“


Whether you read a technical blog, a newsletter from your favorite IT Guru, or a print magazine, you are confronted with topics such as SDN, IoT, Hyperconverged Systems or Big Data. But does this define what you are actually doing in your job? What are the topics that really matter to you? Help us to adjust our product and our communication to better suit your needs. It will only take about five minutes.

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Central Information Hub PRTG 3: Information For Everyone

Welcome to the third and last part of our blog series about PRTG as a central information hub. This time it's about general information that's of interest to everybody at Paessler - or at any other company. 

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Central Information Hub PRTG 2: Marketing Metrics in View

In the second part of our blog series about PRTG as a central information hub we show how we use PRTG internally to give our marketing team their most important metrics at a glance.

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