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2016-May-18 by

Sensors of the Week:
SNMP Dell EqualLogic Sensors

Data storage is an important aspect of every business. In our data-driven world, a sound storage concept along with a backup and disaster recovery plan is essential. How do you monitor these critical parts of your IT infrastructure? If you rely on Dell EqualLogic SAN (Storage Area Network) arrays for storage, you're in for a treat: PRTG Network Monitor 16.2.24 comes with three new sensor types for EqualLogic monitoring. Whether you want to know what's going on with your logical disks, your physical discs, or the health of your storage array members—you now can easily gather the desired information with three brand-new dedicated sensor types.

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2016-May-12 by

UVexplorer: Layer 2 Discovery for PRTG

You use PRTG Network Monitor to know everything that's going on in your network? Using the PRTG Map Designer you also create individual dashboards to visualize certain aspects of your IT infrastructure? Now you can even automatically generate layer 2 maps that show the physical connections between the devices on your network. How? UVnetworks has expanded their network mapping solution UVexplorer to easily integrate with PRTG via the PRTG API. This allows you to benefit from their automated map layout functionality directly in your PRTG installation.

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2016-May- 6 by

We Love Quality at Paessler

Developers at Paessler have a great job: They not only program the world's greatest network monitoring solution, PRTG Network Monitor. No, we are a software company through and through and do everything in-house, from our customer database to the cloud connection. Our devs in the various specialist teams appreciate the many opportunities to share and exchange their expertise. In our latest PRTG Quality Assurance week, we've lived interdisciplinary collaboration in the product development team.

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2016-Apr-28 by

5 Reasons Why a New Headquarter Is a Management Task

Annual increases in sales of 30 to 40% and similar growth in workforce must have consequences. Once again, Paessler requires additional office space and for the 5th time in 15 years moves to a new headquarter. This is the painful side of success.

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2016-Apr-20 by

PRTG Included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD)

Gartner as the world's leading information technology research and advisory company has acknowledged PRTG Network Monitor in the Magic Quadrant® for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics 2016. We believe we are on the right track due to our focus on the monitoring of small and medium sized networks.

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2016-Apr-13 by

eHealth Sensors: Know What's Going on in Your Medical IT

Great news for admins in hospitals or medical facilities! Paessler has developed new sensors for monitoring medical equipment that communicates via the protocols HL7 and DICOM. PRTG can now monitor your medical IT infrastructure even more closely, accurately and timely!

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2016-Apr- 8 by

Ask the Expert: Current Status on IPv6

Services like Google and Facebook are currently available via IPv6, and several large ISPs, telecommunications and web service providers are actively migrating. Mobile operators have pushed for wider IPv6 implementation to future proof continued growth, and Apple has mandated that apps submitted to their app store must be IPv6 compatible.

This should give sysadmins confidence that key vendors and key networks are making moves to IPv6.

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2016-Apr- 1 by

[April Fools' Day 2016] Sensor of the Week: Gravitational Waves Sensor

In the beginning of February, the announcement that scientists had discovered gravitational waves astonished not only the science community, but baffled people all over the world. The discovery of what Einstein had predicted in his general theory of relativity, 100 years ago, will help scientists to actually see the big bang-and find out what happened during this initial single event.

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2016-Mar-29 by

Is Your Security Really Secure?

Since the early days of networking, security has been one of the top subjects in the IT and network world and today it's more important than ever. Last year 58% of all administrators being asked by us mentioned IT security as one of their core tasks and said it's an ongoing challenge. Indeed, security includes much more than just a virus scanner or a firewall: BYOD and IoT bring new risks, small mistakes made can endanger data, and physical threats like fire or water also must be taken into account when developing a security concept.

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2016-Mar-24 by

Third Time Lucky: Paessler Scoops 2 Awards at the Network Computing Awards 2016

After winning the Network Computing Award for "Bench Tested Product of the Year" in 2015 and for "Network Management Product of the Year" as well as "Product of the Year" in 2014, we were really excited when we heard about our nominations for 2016. This time around we were nominated in no less than four categories:

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