NOTE: This competition is over but take a look at our great winners!

PRTG Network Monitor to the Rescue

Monitoring means dealing with huge amounts of data. Not a trickle of data, but a river or even a roaring stream of data. Interpreting the data you collect correctly is essential. Not only for you, but also for everyone who depends on your IT infrastructure. Only if you are able to comprehend relevant information at a glance you can act in time - and often even pro-actively before an issue occurs.

In this complex scenario PRTG offers you a life buoy that prevents you from getting swept away by this ever increasing stream of data: With the help of our Map Designer you can personalize your dashboards to show exactly the kind of information you need to keep your network running - or to congregate data for virtually every other field of application:

As you can see our PRTG enables you to visualize data in a unique, creative way. But that's just the beginning...

Show Us What You Got!

We're still amazed at the fantastic custom sensors you've sent us for the "My PRTG Sensor" competition. Our jury already had the pleasure to catch a glimpse of some really exciting dashboards, so we thought: Let's do another competition! This time we invite you to send us your most extraordinary and innovative dashboards with a short description of their field of application and why you designed them the way you did. We're convinced that you will baffle us again with your creative and inspirational ideas. What are you waiting for?

Also You Can Enter the Game

You're not monitoring a huge network with thousands of sensors, but a delicate setup with a unique purpose? This competition isn't about numbers, but ideas. To participate you don't have to own a commercial PRTG license. Just download our 10 Sensors Freeware Version or the 30 Days Trial Version. It's up to you!

Just join our "My PRTG Dashboard" competition. We are eager to see your ideas!

Win Fame, Glory and Geeky Gadgets

If your dashboard gets chosen by our seasoned jury, your magnificent idea will not only get shared within the PRTG community (that’s the fame part), but we will send you a really fun gadget. You can participate from February to April and each month we will choose one dashboard that impressed us the most. Are you in? *

Let’s Get Started!

We’re really excited to see how you use PRTG dashboards to deal with the ongoing accumulation of data. Are you redirecting your data streams or are you riding the wave? Show us what you got and send us your use cases – we can’t wait to see how you keep your head above water!

Your Paessler Team


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