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Please find the latest manual for PRTG Network Monitor here:

The main layout of the Windows GUI program consists of different elements which will be shortly described here.

PRTG Windows GUIPRTG Windows GUI

From top to bottom, the main layout consists of:

Often, data and settings are displayed directly in the Windows GUI. For some functionalities and extended setup, a new window of the system's default browser is opened and the web interface will show up. In this case, you'll be logged in to the web interface automatically via username and hash value. In your browser, it might be necessary to confirm the certificate used by PRTG's web server. For more information, please see Login (section Confirm Certificate for Https Connection ).

Windows Menu

The Windows menu gives access to general configuration and settings. Find a detailed description in the Windows Menu Structure section.

Page Header Bar

Windows GUI's Page Header BarWindows GUI's Page Header Bar

The page header consists of the following parts:

  • PRTG Logo
    Click on the PRTG Network Monitor logo to open the Ajax web interface in your system's default browser.
  • Global Sensor State Symbols
    It shows the aggregated status of all sensors you have configured for monitoring, divided into different sensor states. Depending on the sensors' status you will see colored boxes with numbers which symbolize the sensors. For example, you can see how many sensors are in Up , Down , or Warning state. Click on a box to view a list of all sensors in the respective status. For a detailed description, please see Sensor States section.
  • Refresh (Arrows Symbol)
    Click on the refresh symbol (F5 ) any time to refresh the current screen. This will immediately query data for the current screen from the PRTG core server, just as the automatic refresh does, which can be configured in the Options and Server Settings .

Menu Tabs Bar and Page Content

You can navigate through your setup using the menu tabs bar. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with all menu items. The page content underneath varies dependent on the selected menu tab. It shows various information about your monitored objects. For a detailed description of all tabs, please see the Menu Tabs and Page Content section.

Status Bar

Windows GUI Status BarWindows GUI Status Bar

The status bar shows a countdown with the time to the next refresh, the version number of your PRTG installation and the Paessler logo which leeds you to the Paessler website when you click on it.


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