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Aurelio, System Admin at Paessler AG

The Enterprise Console is already included in a PRTG core server installation. You can install additional Enterprise Consoles on other computers.

Download Enterprise Console from the Web Interface

The version of the Enterprise Console has to fit exactly the PRTG core server version you will connect to. From the computer you want to install the Enterprise Console on, please connect to the Ajax web interface. On the login screen of the web interface, enter login name and password and select the Enterprise Console (Download for Windows) option. You browser will show a download dialog. Save the setup program to the local hard disk drive.

Install Enterprise Console

Please execute the setup program you just have downloaded.

Windows User Account Control Confirmation RequestWindows User Account Control Confirmation Request

Confirm the question of the Windows User Account Control with Yes to allow the program to install. The usual software installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Setup Language SelectionSetup Language Selection

Please select a language for your product and click the OK button. The available language options depend on both your Windows version and the setup file.

Windows GUI Setup Wizard Welcome ScreenWindows GUI Setup Wizard Welcome Screen

Please click Next to walk through the wizard.

Setup Wizard License AgreementSetup Wizard License Agreement

After accepting the license agreement, you can choose the folder you wish to install the software in. We recommend that you use the default value.

Setup Wizard Destination LocationSetup Wizard Destination Location

Select which icons will be created. We recommend that you use the default value.

Windows GUI Setup Wizard Additional TasksWindows GUI Setup Wizard Additional Tasks

As soon as you click Next , the necessary files will be copied to your disk.

Windows GUI Setup Wizard InstallWindows GUI Setup Wizard Install

After installation, click Finish to start the Enterprise Console.

Windows GUI Setup Wizard FinishWindows GUI Setup Wizard Finish


Please see the section Enterprise Console for more information on how to use this Graphical User Interface (GUI).



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