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2015-Jul- 2 by

Cluster Support for Remote Probes:
Failover Nodes Show Remote Probe Data

We have good news for all of you who run a cluster installation of PRTG Network Monitor: You can now connect all of your remote probes to all of the failover nodes in your cluster! This lets you take full advantage of PRTG's failover functionality: You can see the monitoring data from all of your locations and receive alarms when your remote probes detect sensor errors, even if your primary master node fails. No matter whether you're using remote probes to monitor distributed locations or to spread the monitoring load over several machines, your remote probes can now be part of your cluster.

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2015-Jun-29 by

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your PRTG? Open Your Email!

Our development team challenge themselves constantly to add new functionality, meaning that comparing last year's PRTG to the current version is like comparing an Apple iPhone 3 to iPhone 6. Just in the last 12 months, we have enhanced our mobile apps with free push notifications, added additional responsiveness to the web GUI, and added new sensor types like, for example, the Cloud HTTP sensor. You can find the full list of new features and sensors is on this webpage.

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2015-Jun-25 by

Fun, Food and Action:
Paessler on Tour in Dresden

...and now for something completely different: Usually we use this blog to share with you new developments in unified monitoring, or to present new features and sensors for PRTG Network Monitor. Today I'd like to give you a glimpse into our company, because over the last weekend (I'll get to that in a minute) I once again realized that it really is the people who make working at Paessler not only fun, but who are creating a sense of togetherness that enables us to put all our efforts in a great product while maintaining a feeling of family and friendship that is really unmatched.

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2015-Jun-18 by

Sensor of the Week:
SNMP Juniper NS System Health Sensor

Every network is different. The devices you find in a network often depend on the preference of the responsible admin—but no matter which devices you use, it's important to know their health status. If you prefer Cisco routers, switches or access points, the SNMP Cisco System Health sensor will show you all relevant health data. If you rely on Juniper NetScreen devices, we now have a new sensor for you which allows you to monitor all of their important health values.

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2015-Jun-11 by

Major Update for
Python Mini Probe for Linux

Good news for everyone who uses PRTG Network Monitor to monitor their Linux systems! The Python Mini Probe has received a substantial update, which now offers a more stable monitoring experience, new features, and even a set of new sensor types that have been adapted from the Windows Probe. If you have read up until here and have no clue what a Python Mini Probe is, then have a look at last year's blog article to find out more about its features:

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2015-Jun- 2 by

Examples of IT Scenarios You Can Monitor with PRTG 100 for Free

In my last blog article, I told you about our decision to offer PRTG Network Monitor 100 for free. Since then a lot of new users have downloaded our software and started monitoring their networks, applications and virtual environments with PRTG. This is great, so a big "Hi and welcome!" to you! As I've already hinted at in my last article, I wanted to show you some hands-on scenarios, in which you can really benefit from PRTG 100. Let's get started—and also don't forget about all the other built-in functionalities and features like, for example, creating your own dashboards, alerts and notifications, detailed reporting, and mobile apps. In simple words: Have fun exploring PRTG!

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2015-May-26 by

Experience PRTG at
Cisco Live San Diego 2015

It's this time of the year again! IT professionals worldwide get together to meet at Cisco's annual premier education and training destination. Of course also Paessler will be there to show you the latest trends in unified monitoring. Our team will bring exciting demos and new features. Just stop by our booth! We're excited to meeting you and look forward to answering your questions...

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2015-May-21 by

Logjam Vulnerability: PRTG Is Safe Since Version 14.4.12 (October 2014)

After the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug and the SSL 3.0 POODLE vulnerability another encryption attack has emerged that enables exploiters to read and modify data passing through encrypted connections. According to an Ars Technica article this new attack leaves tens of thousands of HTTPS-protected web and mail servers vulnerable.

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2015-May-19 by

PRTG Now Available on Android Wear

As a user of PRTG Network Monitor, you probably know that you can keep an eye on your network using several different interfaces—your web browser, directly on your Windows desktop with the Enterprise Console, or by using one of our four mobile apps. Now we're extending that access to a rather less expected place: your wrist!

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2015-May- 5 by

Listen Up: What Our Customers Think About Mobile, Efficiency and Support Quality

As developers of a software solution that is vital for IT departments worldwide, we constantly are looking for new ways to improve the user interface, the monitoring workflow and the capabilities of PRTG Network Monitor by adding new features. Of course we can rely on a team of very smart and enthusiastic developers who are deeply rooted in the IT and monitoring world. Another very important source of information is our dedicated group of users. You contact us on a regular basis, ask for specific features and hint at workflow optimizations. Your direct feedback is immensely valuable for us-and due to our continuous rollout strategy, we can make new features accessible very fast after they have gone through a thorough testing phase by our quality assurance team.


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