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2014-Sep-18 by

Sensor of the Week: QoS (Quality of Service) Round Trip Sensor

The "Sensor of the Week" articles are a neat way for you to discover new areas of applications for PRTG Network Monitor—even ones you might yet not have thought of. This time, even if you already know and use the QoS (Quality of Service) Round Trip sensor, we urge you to keep on reading as we present to you a great new way to monitor the quality of a network connection without using remote probes: the PRTG QoS Reflector (open source) for the QoS Round Trip sensor!

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2014-Sep-16 by

Experience PRTG Live at
Interop New York 2014

This fall technology enthusiasts meet in New York City to attend the Interop Conference & Expo. Also Paessler will be there to emerge themselves into this exciting world to get inspired and, more importantly, to inspire. Meet our team and find out how PRTG Network Monitor can help you keep your network running while obtaining all the data you need!

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2014-Sep-11 by

Sensor of the Week: SSH Script Sensor

When it comes to monitoring Linux or Unix systems, PRTG Network Monitor offers various interesting possibilities: Use one of PRTG's sensors for Linux monitoring via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), SSH (Secure Shell), or WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise Management). Especially the SSH Script sensor offers you real freedom in customizing your Linux monitoring: Just write a script which returns the desired data from your Linux system (for example, the validity of your SSL certificate used by an Apache instance, see screenshot below), and you can monitor all changes and detect issues before they become a problem.

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2014-Sep- 4 by

Sensor of the Week:
Hyper-V Host Server Sensor

In the last few years the tasks of system administrators have changed quite a lot. Today networks are more than their physical layout of servers, routers, and switches reveals. With virtualization and cloud applications also the task of maintaining the network has grown more complex. Whether you use VMware or Hyper-V for virtualization, monitoring your virtual environments, and especially the host servers, is an absolute necessity when it comes to gaining a comprehensive view of your entire network structure.

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2014-Aug-28 by

Sensor of the Week:
Passive Application Performance Sensor

In this week's blog article we present to you a very powerful sensor, you might yet not have been using. It's time to change that! Find out how the Passive Application Performance sensor has the potential to add real value to the way you monitor the performance of your servers and web applications.

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2014-Aug-28 by

Maintenance Downtime Announcement

The upcoming Saturday, August 30, 2014, the Paessler shop servers will be on maintenance. The necessary downtime for this purpose will start at 8 a.m. CEST and take at least a couple of hours. During this time you will not be able to reach the Paessler shop, our service portal, or activation services.

We are sorry in advance for any inconveniences. But don't worry, all services will be available again as soon as possible!

If you run into issues with the activation of a PRTG license, or if you cannot order a new license over the weekend, we recommend you to wait until Monday when we have fully recovered our systems.


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2014-Aug-21 by

Sensor of the Week: SNMP RMON Sensor

As a system administrator you have to deal with a lot of data. Especially traffic data is of great importance when it comes to gaining a comprehensive overview of your network. The Remote Monitoring (RMON) standard provides specifications that enable you to dive even deeper into the package flow of your network. By displaying the traffic data for each port of your SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) compatible devices in different channels, PRTG Network Monitor's SNMP RMON sensor helps you achieve a sound basis for detailed analysis.

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2014-Aug-19 by

PRTG Mini Probes - Part 3:
The Python Mini Probe for Linux

After having read the previous article of this blog series, you know what you can achieve with the PRTG Mini Probe API. To quickly summarize: The API allows you to develop your very own kind of probe by tailoring it to the requirements of your network without being restricted by hardware or operating system. This article shows you a proof of concept for an often requested area of application: Detailed monitoring of Linux systems with probes that run directly under the target system. Using the PRTG Mini Probe API, you can now create and use a Python Probe to monitor your Linux system directly.

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2014-Aug-15 by

NetFlow Configuration and Monitoring
via PRTG on VMware vSphere 5.x

Today, for the first time on the Paessler blog, we'd like to introduce a guest blogger to you: Jorge de la Cruz has extensive IT knowledge, is an enthusiastic user of PRTG Network Monitor, and writes about various interesting IT topics on his Spanish blog (you should definitely pay a visit!)—now, without further ado, let's dive into NetFlow configuration and monitoring via PRTG on VMware vSphere 5.x:

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2014-Aug-13 by

Sensor of the Week: WMI Service Sensor

It's mid August and everyone in the northern hemisphere is away on holidays. Well, almost everyone. As there's never a pause for the IT infrastructure of a company, also admins have to keep on working. To make your stay at work worthwhile, or to at least provide some travel literature if you're actually away, here's our newest "Sensor of the Week"—the WMI Service sensor.

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