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2014-Jul-10 by

PRTG Mini Probes—Part 1:
The PRTG Mobile Probe for Android

About half a year ago, we asked you to help us beta test our new PRTG Mobile Probe for Android. Since then the mobile probe has left beta status and offers you a whole new world of monitoring possibilities—and we are pretty excited about it! Well, of course we are. Being the developers, you would expect that kind of enthusiasm, but also our customers gave us great feedback and presented really interesting applications. Now the PRTG Mobile Probe has been officially released and we want to mark this occasion by showing  you how to unlock its full potential, and how you can put it to use in order to enhance your monitoring strategy.

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2014-Jul- 3 by

Monitoring to Go: Show Us From
Where You Monitor Your Network!

Not too long ago it was unthinkable to surf the web from anywhere else besides your desktop computer. With the mobile apps of PRTG Network Monitor, you have the freedom to monitor your network from wherever you are.

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2014-Jun-26 by

Monitoring Business Processes: Transformation of Technical Outages to the Real Business Impact

For most of today's companies a smoothly running IT infrastructure is essential and a critical business requirement. There is hardly any business which does not rely on IT services like email, websites, databases, or online shops within their business process portfolio.

In most cases, the IT infrastructure will be handled by people with a deep technical knowledge, the company's IT support. These people and the management need to communicate proactively all the time to ensure that the infrastructure has no critical issues, fits the business needs, and is suited for the future development of your company. Usually, the management continuously receives reports from the IT department which show recent events in the IT system of the company.

On the one hand, this approach is fine to examine the current overall status and to plan future developments, on the other hand it might be inconvenient for the management to prioritize short-term actions on actual impacts to the overall business process if one of the IT services fails. Moreover, other non-technical staff needs only to know about outages that affect their daily work (for example, if the email system stops working).


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2014-Jun-12 by

My PRTG Dashboard:
The Most Impressive Runners-Up

Although the "My PRTG Dashboard" competition is over, and three winners have been chosen, you shouldn't stop tweaking and improving your dashboards. Over the course of the last three months, we've seen about 30 great and inspiring dashboards—and while not every single entry in our competition could win, most of the entered dashboards follow the purpose of clearly displaying the most important parameters and numbers in an appealing graphical way for a very specific task and audience.

Let's have a look at the three runners-up, who were beaten only by a nose:

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2014-Jun- 5 by

My PRTG Dashboard:
Get Inspired by the Three Winners

After three exciting months the "My PRTG Dashboard" competition has come to an end. You've sent us about 30 great and inspiring dashboards, which for our jury made it quite difficult to agree on one single winner each month—you can't imagine the heated discussions! But finally we've found three winners. All chosen dashboards add real value to the monitoring solution as the responsible IT team, and in certain cases even end customers, can see at a glance if their network or monitored systems are running smoothly.

Now, without further ado, let me present to you the three winning dashboards:

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2014-May-29 by

How It All Started:
11 Years PRTG Network Monitor

When it's your birthday you often start to wonder where the time is going, even more so when it's your child's birthday. With software it's not that much different. I often think of PRTG Network Monitor as my baby (other software developers might be able to relate), and thinking back makes me kind of nostalgic. Especially since, just like a real child, PRTG has grown at such an incredible rate and learned to do such amazing things. Maybe you're curious how it all began...

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2014-May-26 by

PRTG Network Monitor Live at the VMware vForum 2014

"vForum 2014 is your chance to hear from the virtualization experts on how to manage the fundamental shift in the way you build, run and deliver IT services to your organisation to advance its business goals."—That's what VMware says about their free one-day events hosted all over the globe. And you should take their word for it because Paessler is there, too, presenting the wonders of PRTG Network Monitor!

If you happen to be around, stop by at our booth and say hello. Here are the dates and places:

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2014-May-22 by

Monitoring of Things:
Exploring a New World of Data

We love technology. It's what drives our developers. It's what drives our product. It's what drives our marketing. We try to avoid jumping on the bandwagon of every new IT buzzword that's out there—at least if it isn't directly related to a possible application for our customers. That's why we've carefully kept an eye on the Internet of Things (IoT) trend and tried to determine if it's a topic that might offer substantial benefits for our customers in the years to come. We don't know yet if IoT will live up to the hype, but we are convinced that it will have an impact on the way we experience IT—and the time to get prepared is now.

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2014-May-19 by

How Your Feedback Helps Us at Paessler to Improve Our Apps

Today we're more mobile than ever. Besides using our smartphone for basic communication tasks such as e-mailing, messaging or surfing the web, we rely on apps for virtually any part of our lives—even our professional ones. Users know what they need to achieve and which tools serve them best. Especially in the IT environment challenges are often complex and require specialized applications. In many regards apps have become as important as classic software tools—and we should treat them that way.

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2014-May-14 by

Improve Your Network Monitoring with Our Free Syslog & SNMP Trap Receiver

As you most likely know, we also offer a freeware version of PRTG Network Monitor which is limited to {{ "freeware-number-of-sensors"|translate(lang) }} sensors, but not in its functionality. This version is often used to monitor small home networks and for other private usage scenarios—but did you know you can even add real value to the monitoring of company networks for free?

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