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2015-Nov-24 by

Ever Wondered How Much
Letter Mail You Get During the Year?

We always love to learn about new ways to implement PRTG and have seen quite a lot of great usage scenarios in the past. Naturally, we were really excited when we heard that Andreas Ginther set up a Letter Count Sensor "Smart Post Box" for his private mailbox! It tells him not only when he receives a letter, but also when the mailbox is emptied. This way, he always knows if he needs to start looking for the mailbox keys once he gets home.

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2015-Nov- 4 by

New MSP License Available

PRTG Network Monitor now comes with a new license targeted towards MSPs (Managed Service Providers) that makes it a perfect solution for offering "Monitoring as a Service" to your customers: the remote probes. Each license of PRTG from 100 to 5,000 sensors allows you to implement as many probes as you want to on your customers' networks. The probes send the monitoring data to the core server using SSL encryption. With the roles and rights model in PRTG you can even give your customers full access to their monitoring so they can manage it by themselves if they want to. You could also set up your customers' monitoring and deliver the results in reports or on custom maps.

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2015-Oct-26 by

Experience PRTG at the VMUG Virtual
Event 3.0

You've always wanted to meet the Paessler team and ask them your questions about PRTG Network Monitor but none of the events we attend was close to you until now? Well, this is as close as it gets. Simply join us at the VMUG Virtual Event 3.0 to meet our US team and get in touch right from your office desk.

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2015-Oct-20 by

PRTG Cloud Sensors - Part 1: Monitor Google Analytics & Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox

In February this year, our CEO Dirk Paessler shared some words on how to set up a cloud policy before entering the cloud with you. Since then, eight months have passed and you probably rely more on cloud services than ever before. While the backbone of your productivity still lies within a well working network and especially a functioning internet connection to use said cloud services, including them into your favorite monitoring software seems like the next logical step. With this and the next blog article, I want to introduce the new PRTG cloud sensors to you: They will help you to keep track of the most important values of your cloud services.

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2015-Oct- 6 by

Android 6.0 and PRTG for Android

The next version of Android, Android 6.0, has just been released, and it contains some important changes that affect apps like PRTG for Android. Since many of you will be upgrading over the next few months, we'd like to tell you how to keep the app running smoothly afterward.

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2015-Oct- 1 by

ROI Calculation for Monitoring Software

ROI is the magic abbreviation for any manager: "Return on Investment" is intended to provide a simple calculation that determines the period during which an acquisition is amortized. Of course, when evaluating monitoring software, it would be interesting to know how long it would take until the purchase price of the software is regained by the various benefits of the software.

Here is a simple calculation using a chewing gum vending machine to make this a little easier to understand:

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2015-Sep-24 by

PRTG Now Available for Apple Watch

As an enthusiastic user of one of our mobile apps for PRTG Network Monitor, you probably know best about the advantages that mobile network monitoring offers to always busy admins. If you use iOS based mobile devices, from now on, you cannot only get monitoring data and notifications on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, but also on your watch. Today we've released the extension of our PRTG for iOS app—and we are happy to offer our wearable iOS UI to all of you after you have continuously been asking us about it since our PRTG for Android Wear release.

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2015-Sep-18 by

Sensor of the Week:
MongoDB System Health Sensor

Today's information architecture relies heavily on databases. Whether you use Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL or MongoDB—the health of your database server is an essential value to monitor in order to guarantee fast and reliable database access. After having already presented the WMI Microsoft SQL Server sensor, in this blog article you'll learn about how you can monitor your MongoDB server with PRTG Network Monitor.

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2015-Sep- 8 by

New Default Icons for Your PRTG Maps

As an avid user of PRTG Network Monitor you probably already have used the map designer to create your own dashboards. It's a great way to present your data in a unique and customized way (see our customers' examples). When you present your monitoring data in the form of a map, which can be viewed by the whole IT team, other departments, or even your management, also the visual appeal plays an important role.

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2015-Sep- 1 by

New Partner Program Emphasizes Paessler’s Channel Commitment

When we introduced our partner program in 2006, a close working relationship with our partners was one of its cornerstones. The ultimate goal was to build true partnerships, which was also reflected in a fair margin and a transparent bonus system. Almost 10 years have passed since the initial introduction of the partner program. In this time span we have learned a lot and were able to exchange experiences with our partners. In the past months, we optimized our partner program to even better meet the following objectives:

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