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2015-Apr-14 by

Experience PRTG Live at
Interop Las Vegas 2015

Curious about the latest trends in unified monitoring? Meet the PRTG Network Monitor team at Interop Las Vegas, the independent technology conference and expo for IT enthusiasts. Our booth will be packed with exciting demos and new features. Just stop by! We're excited to meeting you, answer your questions, and have a good time chatting about IT and monitoring—or anything else you always wanted to talk to us about...

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2015-Apr- 7 by

Paessler Offers PRTG 100 for Free

Whether you are a small business owner, have a very elaborate private IT setup, or are just launching your own startup—now you have the possibility to professionally monitor your network, devices, virtual components, and applications for free. Enabling every IT enthusiast to install the entry license of our benchmark monitoring software free of charge (the former price was 330 EUR / 440 USD) and without any restrictions is a bold step, we are happy to take.

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2015-Apr- 2 by

The Impact of March Madness on Your Network Traffic

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, known widely as "March Madness," is in full swing, and a new college basketball national champion will be determined next Monday when the final is played. The tournament, which begins with 68 teams and spans nearly three weeks, is one of the most popular and highly viewed sporting events in the U.S. In fact, Saturday's thrilling, close game between the undefeated and top-ranked University of Kentucky and the University of Notre Dame was the most viewed college basketball game in the history of cable television, according to Forbes magazine.

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2015-Apr- 1 by

[April Fools' Day 2015] PRTG VR: Explore Your Network in 3D

As we were pondering over the next steps we want to take with PRTG Network Monitor, we soon reached a barrier that seemed insurmountable: the gap between our human perception and the technical and often abstract IT world—from typical network hardware, virtual environments, down to the bits and bytes of data flows. So we've intensified our research into human-computer interaction and after months of development, we're proud to present a first glimpse into what we consider to be the future of unified monitoring: PRTG VR.

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2015-Mar-27 by

And Again: The Network Computing Award Goes to PRTG!

PRTG Network Monitor was again shortlisted for several categories at the Network Computing Awards. This time we were able to bring home the award in the category "Bench Tested Product of the Year" which means that PRTG is the favourite of all tested products in 2015. 

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2015-Mar-26 by

PRTG Now Supports Push Notifications
for Windows Phone

One of the most-requested features we get for our mobile clients is push notifications for Windows Phone. It took us a little longer to roll that out than it did for our other platforms, but we're happy to announce that as of PRTG for Windows Phone 15.1.1, if you're connecting to a PRTG 14.x.13 or higher server and using Windows Phone 8.1, you can now enjoy free, nearly instantaneous PRTG notifications in your action center.

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2015-Mar-18 by

Sensor of the Week:
SSH Script Advanced Sensor

A few months ago, we've featured the SSH Script sensor, which allows you to use your own scripts to customize your Linux monitoring. The SSH Script Advanced sensor takes the customization potential even further as it enables you to show values returned by an executable script located on the target system in multiple channels. This really comes in handy if you want to monitor multiple processes and return the result of each process in a separate channel.

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2015-Mar-12 by

Help Us Beta Test the PRTG Certificate Importer

When you use HTTPS to log into the web interface of PRTG Network Monitor, you will see an SSL certificate warning in your browser, because the default SSL certificate of PRTG is not signed by a valid authority. If this warning always bothers you, keep on reading as we present a new freeware tool helping you to import trusted SSL certificates into PRTG.

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2015-Mar- 5 by

Sensor of the Week:
SSH Disk Free Sensor

When you are working with Linux/Unix systems in your IT environment, it's a huge advantage to be able to gather all kinds of information regarding your systems in one place. SSH (Secure Shell) monitoring allows you to query data by executing specific commands after PRTG has logged in to your devices. A value that's always good to know is the free disk space.

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2015-Feb-25 by

Sensor of the Week: Hyper-V Virtual Storage Device Sensor

In today's IT environments it's almost impossible not to incorporate some kind of virtualization in order to face upcoming challenges. Although the initial setup has to be planned very thoroughly, it provides more freedom in terms of scalability and a more flexible working environment for users and admins alike. Like physical hardware also virtual components need to be monitored to guarantee that they are performing as required. Virtual storage is a common area of application which is, for example, provided by Microsoft Hyper-V.

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