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2014-Aug-19 by

PRTG Mini Probes - Part 3:
The Python Mini Probe for Linux

After having read the previous article of this blog series, you know what you can achieve with the PRTG Mini Probe API. To quickly summarize: The API allows you to develop your very own kind of probe by tailoring it to the requirements of your network without being restricted by hardware or operating system. This article shows you a proof of concept for an often requested area of application: Detailed monitoring of Linux systems with probes that run directly under the target system. Using the PRTG Mini Probe API, you can now create and use a Python Probe to monitor your Linux system directly.

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2014-Aug-15 by

NetFlow Configuration and Monitoring
via PRTG on VMware vSphere 5.x

Today, for the first time on the Paessler blog, we'd like to introduce a guest blogger to you: Jorge de la Cruz has extensive IT knowledge, is an enthusiastic user of PRTG Network Monitor, and writes about various interesting IT topics on his Spanish blog (you should definitely pay a visit!)—now, without further ado, let's dive into NetFlow configuration and monitoring via PRTG on VMware vSphere 5.x:

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2014-Aug-13 by

Sensor of the Week: WMI Service Sensor

It's mid August and everyone in the northern hemisphere is away on holidays. Well, almost everyone. As there's never a pause for the IT infrastructure of a company, also admins have to keep on working. To make your stay at work worthwhile, or to at least provide some travel literature if you're actually away, here's our newest "Sensor of the Week"—the WMI Service sensor.

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2014-Aug- 8 by

Sensor of the Week:
SNMP Cisco System Health Sensor

A week has passed since we've presented the WMI Security Center sensor to you. Have you already tested it in your PRTG installation? Today we want to show you a very useful sensor for monitoring your Cisco devices: the SNMP Cisco System Health sensor.

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2014-Aug- 5 by

PRTG Mini Probes - Part 2:
The PRTG Mini Probe API

In the first article of this blog series, you've learned about a very specific type of the PRTG Mini Probe, the PRTG Mobile Probe for Android, and how you can use it to gain a mobile perspective on your network. In this second part, we want to give you a little bit more background information on the PRTG Mini Probe API which enables you to completely tailor a probe to your own specific needs.

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2014-Jul-31 by

Sensor of the Week:
WMI Security Center Sensor

Whether you are a sly old fox when it comes to PRTG Network Monitor, or new to its impressive monitoring capabilities, there still might be some exciting features left to discover. That's why with this article we'll start to present to you the "Sensor of the Week"—just to make sure you don't miss it and have the possibility to make the most of your PRTG. If you already know the sensor: great! If you don't: why not give it a whirl? So make sure to follow our blog (just subscribe to our RSS feed) and receive valuable information as soon as they are published:

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2014-Jul-28 by

Experience PRTG Live at
VMworld San Francisco 2014

It's that time of the year again, when IT professionals meet in San Francisco to immerse themselves in the latest trends in virtualization and cloud technology. Of course Paessler will take this opportunity to present how PRTG Network Monitor can help experts to monitor their virtual environments—and so much more...

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2014-Jul-24 by

Ready, Set, Go!
The Paessler Team on a Mission

Every Tuesday for the last 10 weeks you could hear strange noises in a radius of about 4 miles around the Paessler headquarters in Nuremberg—a huffing and puffing that was often accompanied by giggles and laughter. What could it have been? Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No, it was the Paessler running team training for the B2Run!

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2014-Jul-10 by

PRTG Mini Probes - Part 1:
The PRTG Mobile Probe for Android

About half a year ago, we asked you to help us beta test our new PRTG Mobile Probe for Android. Since then the mobile probe has left beta status and offers you a whole new world of monitoring possibilities—and we are pretty excited about it! Well, of course we are. Being the developers, you would expect that kind of enthusiasm, but also our customers gave us great feedback and presented really interesting applications. Now the PRTG Mobile Probe has been officially released and we want to mark this occasion by showing  you how to unlock its full potential, and how you can put it to use in order to enhance your monitoring strategy.

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2014-Jul- 3 by

Monitoring to Go: Show Us From
Where You Monitor Your Network!

Not too long ago it was unthinkable to surf the web from anywhere else besides your desktop computer. With the mobile apps of PRTG Network Monitor, you have the freedom to monitor your network from wherever you are.

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